Who Cannot Take Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia

Who Cannot Take Garcinia Cambogia?

A fruit extract found in Southeast Asia, Garcinia Cambogia is slowly taking the center stage as recent scientific studies have confirmed its ingredient that could act as a weight loss supplement. However, despite its being popular, many people are still worried of possible side effects.

So in order to provide curious people with correct and complete information, this article is solely dedicated to the side effects of the said natural product. Garcinia is a naturally occurring product, and like all natural products, this too has no side effects.  People who have used the pure Garcinia extract reported no side effects. What makes this natural product even more amazing is that it is also controlled by the FDA.

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The following are the people who can take the Garcinia Cambogia product:

  1. People taking medications

People who are taking medications are prohibited to take Garcinia Cambogia without consulting their doctors of health professionals. Its interaction with other drugs has a possibility of leading to complications. No studies have proven that this product is safe to take alongside other medications.

  1. People with chronic diseases/illnesses

Adults who are suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes are not allowed to take this product too. This is to avoid any side effects that may come as a result of this natural product. Even though this product is natural, there are still unknown aspects about this as studies are still in progress.

  1. Pregnant and lactating woman

Women who are pregnant or who are nursing are not to take this product. No studies have been taken yet to study the effect of this product to the foetuses as well as to newborn babies. Since foetuses and newborn babies are so delicate, it is best that women take precautionary actions.

  1. Children

As what most product labels state: Keep away from children. Giving it to children may lead to unknown side effects.
People who fall under these categories should really take extra care because even though Garcinia is a natural product, there are still many things that are unknown about this naturally occurring fruit.  discover more


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